Bodegas Hermanos Peciña (Señorío de P.Peciña)

La Rioja Alta

Bodegas Hermanos Peciña (Señorío de P.Peciña)

Sustainable practices

Bodegas Hermanos Peciña is located in the heart of the Upper Rioja, or Rioja Alta, in the Sonsierra Riojana.  This area is ideal for growing vines, squeezed between the summits of the Sierra Cantabria and the banks of the Ebro River.  These combined influences of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean make for a microclimate all of its own, producing unique grapes of a quality that are difficult to match.

Bodegas Hermanos Peciña started in 1992 and now has 50 Ha of its own vines, with an average age of 25 years.  In 1997,the winery began to sell fine aged wines in the categories of Crianza, Reserva, Gran Reserva and Reserva Vendimia.  The grapes are harvested manually and the vineyards are farmed in a sustainable fashion, without the use of any systemic fungicides or pesticides.  The clusters are carefully placed into small crates of approximately 15 kilos capacity so that the grapes do not suffer any pressure and the juice is not crushed out of the berries, which must come into the winery intact.  If the berries were to break and the must escape there could be unwanted fermentation and oxidation.  To avoid this, crates are placed on the gondola and quickly taken to the bodega.  Care is always taken to make the best wine possible.

Señorío de P.Peciña