Château La Grolet

Bordeaux (Côtes de Bourg)

Château La Grolet

Certified Organic (ECOCERT) and Certified Biodynamic (Demeter)

Château La Grolet is one of two châteaux owned by the Hubert family. Jean-Luc Hubert and his wife Catherine have brought life back into this noble XVIII century house.  They are committed to natural viticulture and enhancing the biodiversity of their vineyard to protect the old vines. All vines are hand pruned and hand harvested to insure the grapes stay intact.

Organic Farming

Weed killers are banned and products used to treat the vines are limited to sulphur and bacillus thuringiensis. The vines are only fed with natural fertilizer, rock powder, organic compost and green fertilizer. The vineyards are controlled by the certifying agency AB ECOCERT.

Insects help to reduce the use of fungicides including copper widely used in Organic Agriculture. The strategy focuses on maintaining the biodiversity involving the auxiliary predators of vine parasites. Indirectly, the greater level of biodiversity, the lower the doses of treatment required.

Château La Grolet

Jean-Luc and Catherine Hubert