Château Lagarette

Bordeaux (Premières Côtes de Bordeaux)

Château Lagarette

Certified Organic (Ecocert) and Certified Biodynamic (Demeter)

Although Château Lagarette can trace its roots back to 1850, the estate has been the property of the Minvielles family since 1998.  For several generations, the Minvielles have been winegrowers and coopers settled in the Camblanes villages.  Yvon is a sociologist, publisher and University Professor whose interests lie in the biodiversity of the vine.  Olympe is dedicated to the wine making process, and has all the necessary patience and attention required to make a great wine. Their four hectares of vineyards, which date back to the Roman times, surround the castle, which was a former hunting lodge of the Duke of Epernon in the 15th century.  Widely exposed to the various winds (the secret of Lagarette wines), the vineyard is composed 70% of very old vines (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec), and the remaining 30% of recent plantings of Cabernet Franc.  The soil consists of quaternary gravels, limestone, clay, quartz and sand. 

The wine making philosophy at Château Lagarette has always been to protect the land by respecting the natural balances between its mineral, vegetal and animal components.  The decision of whether to grow their grapes organically was never a question discussion for Olympe and Yvon.  They believe that the use of pesticides is either a consequence of lack of education, or a deliberate spoiling of ecosystems, motivated by immediate gains.  Wine is always the result of a unique conjunction between man and nature, and is a condensation of wine growers’ and wine makers’ knowledge accumulated through the ages.  The respect of places and times, the observance of biological rhythms, observation, patience and attention are the milestones of their practices. Organic since 1998, Biodynamic since 2003.

Olympe                                     Yvon