Marcel Deiss

Alsace (Haut-Rhin)

Certified Biodynamic - Demeter

Domaine Marcel Deiss is located in the beautiful Bergheim, and was established in 1947 by the grandfather of the current owner, Jean-Michel Deiss. Marcel Deiss is one of the leading producers in Alsace, focused on terroir wines that have been organically farmed for over 20 years and biodynamic since 1998. Jean-Michel with oenologist Marie Helene Cristofaro carefully look over their vineyards by ploughing rather than using weed killer, utilizing natural compost, planting grass between the vines and harvesting by hand.

Marcel Deiss wines are unique in Alsace as they are not labeled by varietal but are labeled by the specific vineyard. This allows the unique characters of each vineyard to express itself in each wine. Deiss seeks to express each wine with three factors: the grape variety, the vintage and the terroir.

“Just about any French vineyard owner will talk terroir given the opportunity, but no one argues the case for terroir more passionately than Marcel Deiss.” Robert Parker

“Jean-Michel Deiss has been growing some of the finest wines in Alsace for more than a quarter century and with them – as well as with his passionately articulate discourse – capturing the imagination and affection of wine enthusiasts world-wide. But the bearded sage of Bergheim is never satisfied, and beginning in the late eighties, he began to completely re-think his wines and means of truly embracing his terroirs. The result was new acquisitions and plantings to achieve (beginning a decade ago) single-vineyard, field-blend bottling the likes of which had scarcely been seen in Alsace for the better part of a century, and to certain of which the governing authorities have recently been persuaded (perhaps as much by Deiss’ metaphysics of terroir as by the profundity of his vinous results) to grant the status “Grand Cru.” Wine Advocate, February 2008

Marcel Deiss