Podere 414

Tuscany (Grossetto)

414 is the plot number attributed to the Podere property by the former reform land authority in the 1960s, during the division of the estate and the redistribution of the land to the families of the farmers. These families inherited totally wild and uncontaminated lands composed mainly of forests and pastures. They adopted an almost exclusively subsistence farming agricultural model. They maintained the territory practically unaltered, characterized by scant human interference, maintaining the original landscape, with minimal environmental impact, sheltered from economical activity. The area was so intact, that the European Community have named the Maremma Grossetana, together with Provence and the North of Scotland, as an oasis ideal for the preservation of nature on the entire continent of Europe (rural district).

It is in this context that the owners have operated since 1998 producing the Morellino “Podere 414”. The businesses vineyards consist of about 10 ha in property and 5 ha in management. The youth of the business means the winery was able to organise the vineyards using a qualitative production model, by introducing high density (about 6,700 vines per hectare). They studied varieties and biotypes retained especially for their suitability to the climatic conditions of the zone, adopting oenological solutions that adapted themselves to the different typologies of vines, until the winery were able to achieve their goal of producing a wine which fully respected the environment. The business is certified organic by AIAB and the winery is also ISO 9000 certified to guarantee quality in their process.

The decision for the winery to produce a single wine should be interpreted as an indication of reliability. Podere 414 is a true icon that embodies all the character of the Maremma, resulting in a wine generous in colour, aroma and body. The wine has an indisputably Mediterranean character, with focused and purity of fruit, carefully and craft fully combining power and elegance, vintage to vintage.

Podere 414