Podere Il Carnasciale

Tuscany (Mercatale Val D'arno)

“Il Caberlot” and its baby brother, “Carnasciale” are the only commercialized wines in the world that are made from a unique clone of Cabernet Franc discovered four decades ago, named “Caberlot”.

The romance of the Il Caberlot starts in the 1960’s when Remigo Bordini discovered a very unique clone growing in Veneto. The clone was a mysterious genetic mutation of Cabernet Franc but had characteristics of Merlot grapes, the Caberlot was born. Remigo joined forces with Bettina and Wolf Rogosky (Wolf passed away in 1996) to start planting this unique Caberlot in 1986, on less than an acre. The Rogosky’s were so excited about their new found varietal, that they decided as a sign of positive energy to plant a bottle of Sassicaia under the first Caberlot vine.

These wines are hand bottled in magnums and up until 2005 they were only available in small quantities in a few restaurants in Florence and Paris. With the limited production of only 1000 magnums for 13 vintages, the Il Caberlot has become one of Italy’s most sought after wines with cult status in Europe.

Peter Schilling, Bettina Rogosky and Bernard at VinItaly 2008