Piedmont (Neive)


Organic practices


“I can’t think of too many properties that have made such huge strides in quality as Sottimano has. Recent bottles of the 2001 and 2004 Barbaresco Pajore revealed an enormous leap in elegance and finesse. Fortunately, Sottimano’s entry-level wines are every bit as delicious as their Barbarescos, so readers won’t need to mortgage the house to drink great wines from this producer. I know I am starting to sound like a broken record, but these are truly exceptional wines at this level, or any level for that matter.” Antonio Galloni, August 2008, Wine Advocate.  

The Sottimano winery was founded in 1974 by Maggiore Sottimano in the Cottá area, a very highly reputed area for Nebbiolo grapes. Since then, Mr. Rino Sottimano the owner has developed the estate by buying other prestigious vineyards: Currá, Fausoni, Pajoré and, more recently, Basarin. Currently, the family cultivates an average of 13 hectares and the production is divided into five “crus” of Barbaresco: Currá, Cotta, Fausoni, Basarin and Pajoré,one Dolcetto “Bric del Salto”, one Barbera “Pairolero” and one dry Brachetto , called “Maté”. The company produces an average of 60,000 bottles.

Particular attention is given to the cultivation of the vineyards; in this way, through very low yields, it is possible to produce structured, full bodied wines, which can be aged for several years. Since 1990, the vines have undergone only natural processes ,with no use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or diserbants; the traditional diseases, that normally afflict the vineyards, are treated using eco-friendly products. The application of these products is kept to a minimum and they are used only if necessary. During the vinification, they don’t use selected yeasts and the wines are bottled without filtering or fining.