“My dream of having a winery with wines of style and international character has come true. Today, Wieninger stands for top wines that are from Vienna - and are internationally known. And as a forerunner of high quality wines from Vienna, it means a lot to me to create wines that the Viennese can be proud of.” Fritz Wieninger

Having a consistent focus on quality led Fritz Wieninger to cultivate his vineyards according to bio-dynamic guidelines. The result: soils that are alive  with healthy vines, and high quality wines that reflect a close relationship to nature. The most important thing is not high yield, but the health, self-healing power and the quality of the vines and the wine. With bio-dynamic cultivation comes biodiversity, and the amount of micro-organisms and the humus content of the soil increases. Herbicides, pesticides, systemic sprays and artificial fertilizers are completely eliminated. Fritz uses sophisticated greening implementation in the vineyards to support the optimal thriving of fauna and flora.